St John's, Pinjarra/ St Francis of Assisi

The newly Consecrated Church of St Francis of Assisi is located on the corner of Henry St and Murray St.  Alongside the Church is our Op Shop where a great deal of community contact is made.

Our friendly congregation would be delighted to welcome new parishioners and visitors alike to any of our services. 

THe old PArish Church is called St. John's. It is the oldest building in the parish and one of the oldest buildings in WA.  The current building was opened for services in 1861 and consecrated in 1863. It replaced an older building on the same site which had been built in 1841 and consecrated in 1848.

Significant structural damage has made the building unsafe, and it was closed to the public. The cost of repairs was beyond the Parish, and the building could not be modified to make it usable for worship. The decision was taken to return the Church to community ownership, and to de-consecrate it. Recent community efforts to raise money for a restoration project were successful, and the Church will become part of the Edenvale Heritage site. This will ensure it is returned to public use and complement the tourist appeal of the area.  




Worship times


8:30 am Holy Eucharist



9:00 am Prayer meeting (Eucharist on Saints Days)